Look At This!!! Laser Acne Treatment Before And After

My facial skin problems are actually rather complicated since I was in elementary school. Class 5 Elementary school when all children are still smooth-faced, acne often comes between the nose or the space between the lower lip and chin. I indeed got too early to get my menstrual phase, the risk of hormones going up and that’s how the skin starts to have problems.

Actually, skin problems after the first menstrual phase are natural, but unfortunately when not accompanied by education on how to care for the skin will produce a series of other problems. For example, my habit is lazy to wash my face early, and I like to squeeze with zits or blackheads so that the hands itch to squeeze. The result is pockmarked on the face.

After several consultations with Dr. David from DF Clinic, I was advised to use a laser so that the pockmark on my face disappeared and smooth again. Here are some examples of the types of laser treatment that I use. you will be able to judge for yourself by looking my photo and compare in acne laser treatment before and after.

Laser Method for Beauty

Laser is a form of visible light that can penetrate objects. With increasing technological advancements, lasers are now widely used for health and beauty purposes. In beauty, lasers are commonly used to get rid of acne scars with a relatively fast time, it also feels sick, and not many requirements. Other advantages, the laser cleanses the face on target and does not cause injury.

Benefits of Laser

There are several types of lasers for beauty such as:

CO2 Laser Cutter

CO2 cutting laser serves to remove facial scars, both heavy and light, such as accidents, burn scars, acne scars, cut wounds, and removing moles. CO2 laser cutting therapy can smooth the skin of the face, the operating system layer by layer of skin ranging from the outermost to the deepest namely the skin contains elastin fiber, collagen, and fibroblasts that form the elasticity and elasticity of the skin.

Laser Ndyag

Ndyag laser functions to shed hair on the body that you do not want, for example the hair on the armpit. The use of the Ndyag laser is quite practical so you no longer need to remove the hair with enough pain.

Q Laser Switched Nd YAG

Q Switched Laser and YAG function to repair skin abnormalities associated with pigments such as black spots on the face, birthmarks, hyperpigmentation, or removing scars.

Erbium Glass Laser

Erbium Glass laser works for acne therapy, removes pimples, removes acne scars, inhibits acne growth, and restores the skin to smooth again.

What distinguishes the types of lasers above? The difference is in the wavelength shot of the laser beam used. Not all beauty clinics can provide laser therapy, only clinics that have an operating permit and must be accompanied by a certified therapist. DF Clinic is a beauty clinic that has the most complete laser.

Benefits of Laser for the Face

As described above, the types of laser therapy have many functions. We can conclude that the benefits of the laser are as follows:

  • Cleansing zits
  • Eliminates and smoothes the skin of the wound due to acne, severe injuries, and minor injuries
  • Whiten and flatten facial skin color
  • Remove wrinkles and rejuvenate facial skin
  • Remove moles
  • Remove black spots or spots on the face
  • Eliminate acne scars black spots
  • Remove fine wrinkles around the eyes

Laser for Removing Acne Scars

As Dr. David, I also ventured to run laser therapy to get rid of pockmark acne scars that had accompanied me for years. My oath is not sad, I have to separate from them, he he he.

Pockmark acne scars

The first time I underwent laser therapy was the Erbium laser in November after routinely using daily care products from DF Clinic. Dr. David saw the development of my skin and was ready to undergo laser therapy. Then at the end of December I underwent the second laser therapy.

The condition of my face before the laser

The Erbium laser process consists of several stages over 75 minutes, along with the steps:

  • First, the therapist cleanses the face thoroughly
  • The therapist wears a special mask to make my skin numb twice in an hour.
  • Then I moved to a special laser room on the third floor. There the therapist has prepared a laser. Dr. David also immediately handled me doing Erbium laser therapy and at the same time inserting Q-light into the skin. The laser tool looks like a weld or pointed gun glue at a glance, from there comes the laser beam. The area of my laser face is the forehead, back cheeks, chin, front cheeks, chin and around the nose. It feels like it’s not too painful, a little sore.
  • After Dr. David finished laserizing, the therapist put on me an anti-irritation cream.
  • My skin is swollen and red and red. But don’t worry, such conditions only last for two to three hours.

The skin liberation process before the laser

Laser Treatment

This laser process is simple. What you have to pay attention to and do it with discipline is after laser care. Okay, here are the steps:

  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for a minimum of 14 days. If possible, you just stay at home. Even if you have to leave, always use a hat or scarf to protect the skin.
  • For the next three days, my skin may not be exposed to water. I can only apply Skin R serum and Beelift Skin in the morning and evening.
  • On the fourth and fifth day after laser therapy, my facial skin may be washed away. Remember, only water! And of course you still use Skin R serum and Beelift Skin in the morning and evening.
  • On the sixth day, I have washed my face using a facial wash.

After Laser

The third day after the laser, the skin is still reddish but you can get water

The fifth day after the laser, the red is low and can wash your face with soap

The seventh day after the laser, the skin is normal and smooth

Skin R Serum

On the post-laser period, the skin will dry out and be sensitive. The areas of the skin that are diluted from reddish gradually black out like burning. Don’t panic, for a long time, the skin will turn black or dead skin will fall and change to new, smooth skin. Serum skin R serves to treat and protect the skin during such a crucial process.

Skin R Serum

Skin Beelift

Skin Beelift functions as an anti-aging cream that tightens the skin, stimulates growth of collagen and prevents premature aging.

Skin Beelift

How to use it is to take enough cream and then apply to all parts of the face. Use twice a day in the morning and evening.