How to Make Home Designs that are Comfortable to Use Work

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For workers, it is not new to bring work home. When it can’t be done at the office, the house is the place to deal with it. This is not just a trend but also a tradition. But the phenomenon began to be seen since the last 1-2 decades. More and more workers do not have to go to the office every day (commuting). There are even some jobs that are mobile so that the house can function as an office.

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Presumably, the activity of working at home brings its own benefits. For example, someone becomes more productive and is able to filter out more inspiration because of the comfortable atmosphere of the house. Therefore, some people change the layout and interior of their homes to make them suitable and suitable for working. Then, how to make a comfortable home design to work with? Because, apparently, home design that functions as an office can increase productivity.

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In 2016, the Bureau of Workers’ Statistics in the United States found that nearly a quarter of its citizens do office work at home, at least more than twice. While working at home, they begin to feel comfort and the mood is maintained.

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Well, if you want to change the atmosphere of the house to be comfortable to use to do office work, there are at least three steps to make it more comfortable. Among other things, arrange the lighting as best you can.

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The average US worker spends seven hours in front of a computer screen working. Exposure to light from the monitor is also not good if excessive. It is recommended to use a table lamp that can be adjusted only when needed to reduce the intensity of light from a computer screen.

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Place the monitor not in front or behind a window so that the light is brighter. The position of the window next to the monitor helps your eye health so as not to be too exposed to light from the monitor. Another trick, tilt the monitor so you don’t have to bend your neck.

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The second step is to mix and match the right furniture. If you don’t have enough budget to remodel a large-scale house, start by replacing the furniture. For example, by changing chairs and adjusting them to your needs while you work. Sitting too long has a bad impact on health, you will often get stiff and your body will become stiff. Choose an ergonomic chair and its position can be adjusted (adjustable). It is recommended to look for a chair that can rotate 360 ​​degrees.

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Next, consider creating a modular layout. After you decide to work a lot from home, the room arrangement should also be turned off.

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An effective home office design is different from designing a commercial office. Working from home is more attractive because it offers comfort and efficiency. The design of a commercial office is too casual or furthest from a home atmosphere so that peak productivity can be lost.

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If you want to create a workspace at home, make sure the area is the farthest away from home activities that are too homy to impose professional limits on work.

Next, making the work area really has to be adjusted to the needs. Can be big, but small is fine if it’s enough for your work.

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Combine it with the living room or even family room, actually can be provided that is considered with home activities. Certainly it will not be a good solution if your work space joins a children’s playground, for example.

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Another important suggestion is to make your workspace a place to put all the needs, equipment or tools that you need to work. So, the function of the workspace is really effective.

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Be careful when choosing colors to organize your workspace. It is undeniable, the choice of color has a psychological impact on your mood and energy levels while working at home.

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The blue color, for example, brings the impression of peace and relaxation. Therefore, avoid this color if you do not want to be ambushed by sleepiness while working. Green is a natural color and is often considered a neutral color. Its character is organic, fresh, relieves emotions, and can capture concentration. If you like, adding a touch of yellow to the green colors in your workspace can bring its own balance.

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The dominance of the color yellow may be less appropriate for work space at home. Although sometimes the cheerful nature, occasionally this color can cause anxiety. Red, you should only use accents in the workspace.

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However, there is no ideal formula regarding color, including for workspaces at home. Therefore, color selection does not necessarily have a direct impact. The work area at home should make a connection with you. Make sure you are comfortable in it and bring an atmosphere of focus when working.               Office Furniture Chairs And Sofas 00003