Set of Medieval Sofa Chairs for a Minimalist Living Room

White Mid Century Modern Sofa 00003

Classic lines and contemporary design make the DSet Medieval Sofa Chair For Living Room Minimalist timeless part for the living room and seating area. This small sectional space is the perfect blend of form and function with spacious ergonomic seating and large cushions. Winding spring foundation and pocket coil seat cushions combine to offer ideal comfort without reducing style. Lined in soft gray linen that is easy to care for, this section produces a clean and simple silhouette and will work very well with any home decor. Swivel recliner chairs can be arranged on both sides allowing you to easily adjust depending on the configuration of your room.

White Sofa Mid Century 00003 Sofa Single Mid Century 00003 Sofa Small Mid Century 00003 Sofa Styling Mid Century 00003 Sofa Y Sillones Mid Century 00003 Tan Leather Sofa Mid Century 00003 Sofa Mid Century Modern Style 00003 Sofa Modernos Mid Century 00003