Yellow Sofa: A Glimmer of Sun For Your Living Room

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The living room is the center of all interactions in the house. Your living room needs a pleasant, cheerful, and vibrant atmosphere, and is able to create a welcoming and warm impression for the people who occupy it and for guests. The most effective way to achieve this is to play bright colors in the living room. Playing with a yellow sofa seems like a good idea for your guests!

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If changing the room paint colors is too risky and time consuming, you can play colors on the sofa. The sofa is one of the biggest and most prominent elements in the room. Sofa with a certain color will bring drastic changes to the final look of your living room. As for colors, maybe most people prefer to play it safe with neutral colors for the sofa. However, this time try to think of yellow for your couch! Why yellow?

Yellow is the color of the sun that symbolizes optimism, passion and creativity. Yellow is said to be able to increase energy and build a good mood in us. Choosing yellow for the sofa is indeed a pretty brave step. However, be ready, suppose the yellow sofa turns out to be very suitable for creating cheerful characters for the living room. Yellow sofa can also be used to attract the eye’s attention in a beautiful way.

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Take a peek at some inspiring living room designs with the following yellow sofa!
Combine with gray dominance
Yellow color fits combined with gray. A cheerful yellow will compensate for the neutral gray. In the house design above, the walls dominated by dark gray will look dead if there is no yellow sofa that makes it lively. Shelf and bright blue sofa cushions brighten the room. For those of you who like dark tone but don’t want to look monotonous and gloomy, inspiring the design of the room above may be tried.

Play with other bright colors
Yellow is included in the light color category. Pairing it with other bright colors will create a cheerful combination, as long as it’s not too excessive. Yellow sofa can be juxtaposed with other elements such as blue curtains, carpet motifs, and peach-colored shelves as seen in the interior above. White walls and floors make it not too heavy to look at. The light brown wood element also increasingly carries a gentle impression that is not excessive.

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Iron and copper elements give an elegant impression
To create an elegant impression, always use sparkling iron or copper elements. As seen in the interior above, the yellow sofa seemed to fit a gold-colored iron table. Glass decoration and iron bookshelves provide a balance with the striking color of the sofa. Classical style chandelier adds to the impression of elegance that is not excessive.

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Become eclectic by mixing styles
Combine your yellow sofa with a variety of other elements of different styles. Don’t be afraid to mix all colors and styles, because sometimes it even produces a unique and bold appearance. Yellow sofa can be paired with colorful sofa cushions and color motif carpets like the one in the picture above. Black table with a unique shape that if not placed in the room feels different style, in fact suitable when combined. The existence of color paintings also gives more color to the room. Although many colors, yellow sofa remains the main focus.

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Suitable for soft Scandinavian homes
Scandinavian style which is famous for being minimalist, clean, and bright will be very appropriate given a touch of yellow on the sofa. Yellow sofa will make the room more alive. So far, Scandinavian style is dominated by bright neutral colors, so sometimes it looks pale and boring. Providing an element that stands out will be very appropriate. Yellow color supports bright shades of sunlight so as to give a warm impression. The end result, the interior of your room will look soft, sweet, and clean.

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Contrast to monochrome home design
If you like the monochrome style, the yellow sofa will be the center of attention. Monochrome style requires one striking and different element. As seen in the interior of the house above image. The yellow color of the sofa gives lives to rooms that tend to be plain.

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A touch of fun for a unique rustic and traditional home
Yellow sofa is also suitable juxtaposed with elements that are more traditional and rustic. Like the case shown in the picture above, the overall look of the interior looks beautiful, unique wooden tables, wooden floors, and brown knit carpets accentuate a unique traditional impression. The existence of green plants gives a touch of nature in harmony with the elements of wood.       Sofa Grau Yellow 00003