Yacon molasses benefitsYacon is a perennial plant that is large in size and it grown and harvested for its roots. The roots of the Yacon are tuberous. The Yacon is not native to Europe and is mainly grown in South Africa as it has been for thousands of years and is considered one of their traditional vegetables. It has a range of uses for us; it can be used to make powders or syrups that can be used as a sweeter as a healthy replacement for sugar. The roots of the plant can also be eaten, and they do not have to be cooked to be edible either.

What are the health benefits of eating Yacon?

Yacon is a very light on the body vegetable to eat, as it is mainly its roots nutrition and water. Being that most of the Yacon is therefore made up of water it means that most of the sugars are not taken in by the body which means the Yacon is a very low calorie vegetable indeed. This being said then, let’s look at how this can really improve your health and why the Yacon has left its native country in recent years. The Yacon molasses is very good for your heart and it can relax your blood vessels which in turn also lowers your blood pressure, this is an important thing for people with high blood pressure so the demand for this vegetable has been high in recent times. Yacon can also help people who need to keep an eye on their cholesterol as it is known for lowering the accumulation of bad cholesterol inside the body and it can aid in the prevention of heart diseases too.

One more thing that Yacon can be used for is losing weight; since the vegetable is only nutrients and water the calorie intake on them is next to nothing at all and made into a nice meal could help you lose weight; also there are some laxative effects in the Yacon itself so it can help your metabolism to pump out your stomach faster than before, thus helping you lose even more weight.

Yacon Molasses weight loss benefits

So to summarise, what can it be used for?

  • It can help you to lose weight with its low calorie intake and laxative effect
  • It can help prevent cancer, studies show
  • It can be eaten by diabetics to manage their diabetes and keep their sugar level manageable
  • Lowers cholesterol for cholesterol conscious bodies
  • Reduces strain on the heart
  • Helps reduce constipation, due to the laxative effect, bloating and gastric ulcers
  • Prevents fat building up in the liver which in turn prevents liver problems or disease

Precautions with Yacon

If you have never eaten Yacon before, there is a very rare chance you could be allergic to it. It is nothing to worry about it is just like any of our native fruits. Some people are going to be allergic and there is nothing that can be changed about that fact so we just urge you to be careful when you are first trying it. If I doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. Thanks for reading!