Affordable Laser Treatment For Acne Scars Cost

If you want to reach brighter skin in a fast way, then laser treatment is one of the exact solutions. Laser treatment is beneficial for removing dead skin cells, triggering collagen production. So if you run a laser treatment routinely, your facial skin can be brighter, collagen tissue under the skin produces more optimal so that your facial skin becomes more lift up, springy, tight and of course more sleek.

Laser treatment for acne scars cost has a variety of “classes” ranging from premiums worth tens of millions to those that cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. This affordable laser package is called: Photo Facial Treatment. So, Photo Facial is a series of facial skin care that combines 3 technologies to get healthier facial skin conditions.

This treatment is very appropriate for those who want to eliminate acne scars, tanned spots, shrink pores and overcome wrinkles and fine lines on the face. The number of treatments recommended for healing is as much as 20 X treatments which should be carried out in close proximity. Treatment recommended for maintenance is once a week.

Is this treatment safe for those with sensitive skin or acne?

We recommend that for those of you who are sensitive or acne prone, consult with your doctor before you can see the condition of the skin. Because for those who are sensitive to light, this treatment is not recommended. In addition, before treatment, you should not do peels or products that exfoliate the skin, the day before. Because this laser itself will function to exfoliate the skin, although the way it works is very smooth, it does not make the skin flake off.

What is the treatment process?

First, my facial skin is cleaned first. After that, facial skin undergo 3 stages of treatment, namely:

  1. Face Toning

Using Fotona laser technology to brighten skin tone, reduce spots (pigments), reduce pores, overcome acne scars, stimulate regeneration of collagen and reduce oil production that can cause acne. This laser is able to penetrate into the deep dermis layer.

So, before the laser was activated, my eyes were closed first with cotton and special glasses so as not to glare. Then, the laser device will shoot light into the area of the face. It feels like the skin is exposed to a spark of fireworks, throbbing.

Usually after that, there are some parts of the skin that are slightly red, bumpy and itchy, which is very minimal at all. Usually less than 1 hour, this effect is gone. For a maximum of about 2 days, the effect can be lost. According to Dr. Rina, that effect is natural and even proves that the laser works optimally on the skin.

  1. Alma Rejuvenation

Using light-based technology to reduce spots, cure acne and inflammation, rejuvenate facial skin by stimulating the regeneration of collagen, and make facial skin look smoother and brighter.

So, after the first laser for Face Toning, then a cold gel is applied to the skin of my face. If your skin is broken or pimpled, this treatment with Alma Rejuvenation can help eliminate it. After the facial skin uses gel, the Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) laser is placed on my face. The cold gel that has been applied to the skin also helps this tool slide on skin face so smoothly. Relax, there is no pain at all!

  1. Oxy Infusion

Giving oxygen optimally so that it can make facial skin look more fresh and moist. This treatment is useful to exfoliate dead skin, cleanse facial skin from the rest of makeup, dirt and dust that can cause facial skin to become dull. This treatment is suitable for those who need facial skin to be clean, fresh and moist in a short time.

So, after Alma Rejuvenation, oxygen sprayed on facial skin for about 2 minutes. It felt on my face like being blown by fresh air. Then spray the serum 1 minute later. Instantly the facial skin feels cold.

Before going home, the doctor advised that after this treatment, do not wash your face with warm water for at least 2 days, do not use face soap containing scrub grains, not sauna, do not use night cream for 2 nights and avoid exposure to sunlight. So, it is highly recommended that you use sunscreen every time you leave the house. Simply use skincare, which is simple, which is moisturizing.

Photo Facial Treatment is offered at a very affordable price. A total of 3 types of treatment are usually offered at a price of 75 $. However, because there is a promo, it can be tried at a rate of 50 $ thousand. This treatment will look optimal results if done at least 4 times a month. How, are you interested in trying it?…