Simple Advice Of Acne Treatment For Men Explained

Acne is apparently not only a problem that often attacks women. Adam, aka men, are also at risk of developing acne problems. Acne that appears on the skin of men is of course caused by various things. No wonder if the way for acne treatment for men is also quite varied according to the causes of acne. Well, for those of you who are looking for ways for , it never hurts to read the following little explanation.

Pimple skin problems can also attack men. This is because the skin possessed by men also has follicles. This part of the follicle is related to the appearance of acne. Different from women who have little or no hair on their faces, men should try to clean this facial hair regularly. In addition to maintaining cleanliness, shaving fine hair on the face also makes the appearance more perfect.

However, many of you seem to ignore the right way to shave. No wonder if these habits actually trigger acne. However, the health page Web MD confirms that acne in men is apparently not a serious and life-threatening problem. Not only that, a journal titled Journal of American Academy of Dermatology revealed that the range of between 20.5 years to 26.5 years is an age that is prone to acne problems.

Unlike women, the men who get acne are apparently caused by a number of unexpected things. In fact, most of the pimples that attack men are only caused by a disorder that attacks the oil glands that cannot control oil production. Nevertheless, many things also trigger the emergence of acne in men as follows.

  • Smoking

One of the things that can trigger the emergence of acne in men is smoking. As is known, men are the majority who practice this one. In fact, one day a man can spend one pack of cigarettes. Of course this becomes one of the things that can interfere with health. Not only attacks the respiratory system, it seems that smoking can also trigger acne.

According to a number of researchers at the San Gallocano Dermatological Institute in Rome, smoking can aggravate the condition of the skin that is having acne. This seems to be related to cigarette smoke which contains various harmful ingredients for skin cells. In fact, smoking can cause regular blackheads to become a type of inflamed acne. Of course this will make the skin more unhealthy.

  • Stay up late

Another habit that is often done by men is staying up late. Not only to complete the work that is piled up, the men also often stay up to do the activities they like. In addition to information, staying up is one of the activities that have an adverse effect on the health of the body. Not only makes the body experience significant weight loss, staying up late also makes the skin unhealthy. In fact, people who stay up late are prone to several skin problems, including acne.

Staying up late can turn out to weaken the body’s immune system. Such conditions of course will make it easier for viruses and bacteria to attack body cells, including bacteria that cause acne. Not only that, the attack of the bacteria is also exacerbated by the condition of skin cells that are not fit so that the pimples that appear will be inflamed faster than usual zits. In addition, staying up late also stimulates the decay of dead skin cells faster than usual, which makes the skin pores more at risk of blockages.

  • Lack of maintaining skin cleanliness

Clean skin will certainly prevent you from various skin problems, including acne. Men tend to be indifferent to the condition of the body, including the skin. No wonder if men often wash their faces with water that is not necessarily hygienic. In fact, washing your face with water alone cannot optimize the bacteria and dirt that causes acne optimally. Moreover, if the man spends a lot of time on outdoor activities which in fact is always surrounded by pollution, dust and dangerous chemicals.

  • Less Manicured Skin

Different from women, men do not like it or even tend not to use a variety of skincare that can treat skin health. In fact, some men just choose to have facial wash or facial foam to maintain and treat skin health. In fact, this method is not optimal in maintaining skin hygiene and health. Although skincare products for men are still limited, you can still use a number of skin care products that are designed for men who are already available and sold freely on the market.

  • Poor Diet

In fact, it is not uncommon for men to eat a variety of foods without knowing the content in them. It is not uncommon for men to eat the food in front of them for the reason that they are full. In fact, food consumed is also one of the determinants of the health of the body, including the skin. In addition to information, foods that contain lots of oil and fat actually have a high risk of triggering acne and chronic diseases such as cholesterol.

  1. Clean your face regularly

Oily skin is one of the many causes of acne.. So it’s very important to wash your face with cleansing soap. Cleansing the skin can remove dead skin cells and exfoliate the skin. Clean your face at least twice a day and do exfoliation. Because peeling can make your skin look dry, do scrubbing once or twice a week using a special exfoliator for acne prone skin.

  1. Shaving technique

Men who have acne must be very careful when shaving. Shaving is one of the causes behind the problem of acne in men. Always use a sharp knife when shaving. Don’t put too much pressure on the pimpled area because it will worsen your acne condition.

  1. Ice cubes

This is one of the effective home remedies for men to get rid of acne problems. Rub ice cubes on pimples. You can also apply a paste made from lemon juice and sandalwood powder to acne. After drying, rub with ice cubes.

  1. Sandalwood powder

Sandalwood powder is one of the traditional treatments for men who have acne. Mix sandalwood powder with rose water and apply it to pimples.

  1. Massage with lemon

Lemon has a substance that can calm acne. Both men and women, all can use this to deal with acne problems. Lemon is a very effective beauty ingredient that cures naturally. Rub lemon slices on pimpled skin. Do this twice a day and rinse with cold water. Lemon not only helps get rid of zits, but also exfoliates the skin, removes acne scars and also cleanses the skin. Lemon can also dry your skin, so you must moisturize the skin after using lemon.

Does acne make you insecure? Well, this is a simple way to treat acne problems at home.