Teenage Acne Treatments That Work, Here Are Tips

Nina and Randa Nelson, these twin brothers are popular on You Tube not only because of the dozens of videos they have uploaded. Both are beautiful. If you see the appearance of both, who would have thought they ever had a face full of zits. Nina and Randa also shared tips on how they could get a smooth face in just six months. They give tips for teenage acne treatments that work.

Raised by parents who adopted a vegan diet, Nina and Randa also automatically became vegan. They also certainly never consume animal products such as processed milk and meat, which can cause the skin to become oily and acne.

By living a healthy diet, Nina and Randa successfully have healthy skin. During their adolescence, both of them did not have problems with acne. But everything changed when they reached 20 years old. Precisely in the spring of 2014, they had problems with facial acne.

The pimples that appear on the faces of the 22-year-old twin sisters are not just small pimples or pimples. But both of them have severe acne problems. Their faces are almost filled with reddish zits.

In the video uploaded to You Tube and watched more than 300 thousand times, Nina and Randa revealed how they had made various efforts to cure the zits. Both consume antibiotics, go to several dermatologists to try various types of drugs. But none of these methods of treatment paid off.

Nina and Randa were recommended to try taking controversial acne drugs. But they are afraid because of the experience of people who have taken the drug, the effect is experiencing hair loss, dry lips to depression.

“There must be other alternatives. We thought, maybe there was something wrong with what we ate. But what? We don’t know. Moreover, we have become vegan, “said Randa.

One day, their father recommended consulting a dietitian Dr. John McDougall. Previously these doctors had helped their mothers recover from diseases that attack the body’s immune system. Because of that disease the mother and then her father and they became adherents to the vegan diet.

His father’s advice was tried by Nina and Randa. They then read on the site Dr. John that acne can be cured by regulating diet. Dr. John then asked the twin sisters not to eat foods containing oil and fat.

Indeed, despite being vegan, Nina and Randa still eat foods that contain fat, namely healthy fats such as peanut butter that does not contain milk, avocados, soy milk and other foods that contain soy. Therefore after hearing Dr.’s suggestion John, they stopped consuming all these foods because they could trigger acne.

Nina and Randa initially thought of healing acne with the method from Dr. This John will take a long time. But it turns out they were wrong. Within three days both of them had the effect of not having new pimples appear on the face.

“And to deal with acne scars it’s only a matter of time,” Nina said.

Teenage acne treatments that work – In the video, Nina and Randa reveal their faces free of pimples and look smooth within six months after stopping eating foods containing fat and oil. Both of which are consumption of brown rice, vegetables, potatoes, various types of legumes and whole wheat. So that the body is not too thin, they also consume more fruit and drink smothies made from a mixture of fruit, vegetables and wheat.