The 10 Most Expensive Acne Treatment Center In The World And Their Methods

Every woman certainly wants to look beautiful and attractive in public. Various ways are done just to get stunning skin, especially the face.

In the past, facial treatments can only be done naturally or can only use cream, but it is different now. Over time, technology has introduced many things to people, including facial care.

Face care with technology certainly has to spend a very deep pocket. However, for those who have a lot of money and want to look up to it certainly do not make the cost as a barrier.

Then what are the expensive facial treatments? Why can it be given a high price? Here reviews ten of the most expensive face treatments and acne treatment center in the world:

10. Bird Poop Facial

Bird Poop Facial is a Japanese facial treatment created and performed by Geisha. However, it is currently available in large and high-class spas located in New York, USA.

This treatment can remove dead skin from the face. The results are amazing, as the skin is perfectly polished and glowing.

This facial treatment is very popular, even the famous fashion icon Victoria Beckham also wears it and is one of her big fans. The price of this facial care product is valued at US $ 215.

9. UMO 24-Carat Gold Facial

UMO 24-Carat Gold Facial is a special facial treatment offered by a specialty beauty clinic located in London, England.

In this procedure, massage is performed from PGA Gamma and is very hydrating for the skin. After that, a special golden shield is applied to the face. This makes the skin soft. Then proceed with an intense massage that removes the golden layer from the face.

This whole procedure will leave the face with perfect skin thanks to 24 carat gold. It also helps in removing wrinkles, dead skin cells, and bright skin. This facial treatment reaches US $ 600.

8. Triple Life Luxury Facial

Triple Life Luxury Facial is an anti aging face offered specifically by The Peninsula Spa, located in NYC.

All of these facial treatments will enhance perfect cell metabolism. In addition, this treatment can lift the entire skin and moisturize perfectly. This facial treatment is valued at US $ 650.

7. The Grand Luxe Facial

The Grand Luxe Facial is one offered at the Radiance Spa, located in San Francisco. The entire procedure takes 3 hours.

The process begins by cleaning the skin deeply which makes the skin look more maximal. This is also enhanced by LED light therapy and full body massage. This facial treatment is valued at US $ 750.

6. White Caviar Illuminating Facial

White Caviar Illuminating Facial is one offered at La Prairie, located in NYC. In this procedure, golden caviar is used to remove spots due to age and to improve skin light. This treatment reaches US $ 1,000.

5. Vampire Facial

This is a unique type of facial treatment. This treatment uses blood from the arm. Then it is used for the face. Then after the procedure, blood is injected again into the body to increase the glow of light on the skin.

This facial treatment has also been used by famous star Kim Kardashian. The cost of facial care is valued at US $ 1,500.

4. L. Raphael Oxy Star anti-pigmentation facial treatment   

Raphael Oxy Star anti-pigmentation facial treatment is offered at Palace Spa, located in Switzerland. This procedure lasts 50 minutes.

Starting from oxygen services and exfoliation therapy. This skin and body care is very high, considering that it is done from rare ingredients and the latest technology. In addition, this treatment can also be done on all skin types. This treatment reaches US $ 1,590.

3. Evian Bath

Evian Bath is a treatment that gives you an unforgettable experience. Because this treatment is very refreshing for the face and the whole body. This treatment provides luxurious baths with natural springs and several rose petals. This procedure also provides a fancy bottle of champagne and dessert.

However, this is only offered to special guests who stay at the famous Victor Hotel, located in Miami. Famous tennis star Serena Williams has also tried this. This luxury treatment fee is valued at US $ 5,000.

2. HD Diamond and Ruby Peel

HD Diamond and Ruby Peel offered is famous as Scott-Vincent Borba. This procedure is expensive because it includes scrubs made of crushed diamonds and rubies to be applied to the skin. Then the lactic acid peel is applied to give a shiny texture to the skin.

This is a fairly well-known treatment, and was also done by American actress Mila Kunis. This treatment fee is valued at US $ 7,000.

1.Bee Venom Facial

  1. Bee Venom Facial is done from bee venom which is diluted. Special masks used in this treatment are made from ingredients, including manuka honey, butter and lavender oil.
  2. This treatment was tried by Kate Middleton. This treatment is the most expensive facial treatment in the whole world because it reaches US $ 55,200.