The Cost Range Of Laser Acne Treatment

Various facial treatments are now increasingly relying on technology. Although technology-based facial treatments generally have an expensive price, but do not make this one type of treatment quiet. One of the most popular types of face-based technology is laser face. But acne laser treatment cost is not cheap.

The benefits of facial lasers are indeed many, so it’s not surprising that this treatment is in great demand by both men and women. The way a facial laser works is by exposing a laser beam to the face to destroy the outermost layer of facial skin, so that a new layer of skin is formed. Laser treatment generally must be done more than once to get the desired results.

Benefits of Face Laser

The price of a laser face that is not cheap but is still in great demand is of course caused by the many benefits of facial lasers that can be obtained. The face laser method actually has a lot of types and has its own functions. But if discussed in general the following are the functions and benefits of facial lasers that make it very attractive.

  1. Overcoming acne

The first laser benefit is being able to overcome acne. Lasers fired on pimpled skin will not only destroy the skin layer, but also be able to kill acne-causing bacteria lodged in the skin. So that after the skin has regenerated, acne is also not easy to come back again because the skin is also clean from the bacteria that causes acne.

  1. Overcoming acne scars

The second benefit of laser face is that it can overcome acne scars. Yes, even though zits are gone, acne still leaves a problem with acne scars. Acne scars are often in the form of black stains or scar tissue on the face. Creams that remove acne scars are generally only able to remove black stains, but to deal with scar tissue, it is the laser face method that is more effective to do.

  1. Disguise the symptoms of aging

The third benefit of laser face is to disguise aging symptoms. One of the causes of aging is the performance of the whistle has decreased, the skin regeneration process was not surfing when we were young. The regeneration process that has slowed down also causes the collection of various skin-forming substances, including collagen.

This decrease in collagen production will reduce skin elasticity so that the symptoms of aging appear. Facial lasers will trigger new skin regeneration and also trigger collagen growth, so that skin elasticity can return and aging symptoms are disguised.

  1. Brighten the skin

The fourth benefit of laser face is to make you bright again. Facial lasers also help destroy dead skin cells on the face. After dead skin cells are destroyed and the skin begins to regenerate, the skin will become brighter.

In addition to the four benefits of the laser above, laser faces also have other advantages such as faster results and more even results because the laser can reach the smallest part of the face.

Face Laser Price Range

It can be said that face-based technology has a relatively high price, including the price of laser face. Actually the price of laser face varies depending on the beauty clinic you choose. But the average price of a laser face ranges from 100 – 200 dollar for one action.

Effective facial treatments usually require at least 4 to 8 times. So it’s likely you have to spend between 4-16 million for this laser treatment. Of course there are still many clinics that set higher prices, while for clinics that set lower prices, then you should be suspicious of the quality.

Nothing wrong with trying this one face treatment. Provided you also pay attention and understand the risks of this laser facial procedure. Sometimes a laser facial procedure can cause side effects such as skin irritation and also skin that is more sensitive to the sun. But in general the effect is only a temporary effect if the laser facial procedure is done correctly.