Want a Laser Treatment For Acne Because You Are Tired Of The Usual Way?? This Is The Explanation

Facial beauty care by utilizing laser technology can now be the right choice, what’s more for those of you who are tired of dealing with acne problems. But there are still some who are afraid to try this one face treatment especially for laser treatment for acne. Plus see the shape of the device that produces light and deliver the effect of heat on the skin.

But this discomfort does not last long. Once the laser treatment starts, in seconds, fear will disappear. It turns out that laser faces aren’t as scary as the name suggests.

Visiting a beauty clinic in near me, this is the second my experience doing laser faces. In this second treatment, the condition of facial skin is slightly more complex. The type of oily-combination skin and there are zits on several points of the face, such as on the right cheek and in the area of the skin around the nose and mouth.

The condition of the zits also varies from those that are still active, only appearing, to leaving black marks. Then, what are the important steps to be taken to maximize this laser face work?

First Step:

Facial skin is required to get a diagnosis by a specialist. This diagnosis aims to see the overall skin condition. Doctors will also study the types of pimples that appear on our faces, – whether due to genetic factors, dust and pollution, improper skincare, or from an unhealthy lifestyle.

Second Step:

Accompanied by a therapist, the skin that has been checked by a doctor, is cleaned using a double cleanser method.

Third Step:

Skin that is already clean, ready to come into contact with a laser beam. Before the laser face starts, both eyes will be covered by a special eye patch. This eye protection device is used to prevent direct exposure of the laser beam.

Fourth Step:

Face laser starts. For this stage, the doctor will do a ray test first. There are levels of heat from low, medium and high. Heat levels will be adjusted to our desires and how strong or not the facial skin responds to the heat rays from the laser. However, the hotter the level chosen, the better the result for facial skin. Especially for lightening facial skin. Well, when the laser face has begun to work on the skin, we will feel a painful sensation, but it doesn’t hurt. Precisely, the skin feels like it gets a spark of fireworks.

For one treatment, how long will it take?

Return to the skin condition found after diagnosis. For the Skinthestic clinic, the time needed ranges from 40-60 minutes with 5 laser stages for one treatment.

What is the difference between stage 1-5 lasers?

Each laser stage from 1 to 5, has different benefits for the skin. Stage 1, rejuvenation, which is rejuvenating the skin, flattening skin tone and brightening. Stage 2, stimulates collagen and promotes blood circulation from the dermis, epidermis, to the stratum corneum. Stage 3, to reduce spots and treat acne. Steps 4 and 5 are usually aimed at facial skin with more complex problems. For those of us who only have seasonal acne problems, doctors recommend laser stage 1-3 only.

Step Five:

Laser treatment for acne – After the laser stage is complete, the skin of the face will be moisturized to function as a calming skin due to exposure to the laser beam. Finishing, facial skin must use sunscreen. The goal, so that the skin is not easily irritated and flushed when exposed to UV light.

What are the results seen on the skin after the laser face is done?

The skin looks reddened at some point, especially in the area of pimpled skin. However, the doctor said it was normal and would disappear in a matter of minutes. The next day, – depending on the type of sensitive skin or not, exfoliation may occur. Especially in the area of acne prone skin. For itself, peeling does occur. But it is subtle, and not clearly visible.

What about the condition of acne that is still active, is the laser helpful enough to treat?

Perfect results certainly don’t look as soon as we finish doing the laser. Paying attention to the condition of zits on the next day, active zits are immediately deflated. However, you still need protection and skincare treatment in the evening, as well as the application of acne medications at night.

Are there taboos after trying this laser face?

Doctors recommend, at least 3 days avoid using night moisturizers and aggressive skincare, such as anti-aging, brightening, and containing vitamin C.

Last but not least, is laser face effective enough to treat acne?

To treat instantly, just one treatment certainly does not help. However, to relieve active and inflamed zits, just one laser we will find satisfying results. After the treatment, we will not worry anymore with stubborn pimples on the face. If you regularly maintain facial hygiene and use