Practical Solutions For Spider Vein Treatment

Some people can have blood vessels that are very clear on the skin of their face. The appearance of these “fibers” of blood vessels looks like tree branches or spider webs that are red, purple, or blue. Similar to varicose veins, but smaller and closer to the surface of the skin. The condition of the presence of blood vessels in the face is known as spider veins. Actually, what causes this condition and how to treat it?

Try to observe the entire surface of your facial skin. Do you find any fine blood vessel lines? If so, the sign is that you are experiencing spider vein. Spider Vein is a dilation of capillary blood vessels that looks like a thin line in red, purple, or bluish. Usually it often appears on the cheeks and around the nose. These skin problems can also appear on other parts of the body, such as thighs, calves, or other body parts. However, the appearance of blood vessels in addition to the facial skin is more often referred to as varicose veins.

Spider vein occurs because there is a disturbance in the valves of the veins that cause disruption of the process of blood flow. This skin problem is called a spider vein because of its appearance that resembles a spider’s nest. The cause is also influenced by many factors, including due to heredity or genetics, increasing age, being too often exposed to UV light, hormonal changes, pregnancy, and can also be caused by the use of creams containing corticosteroids in the long term. Well, because its presence is quite disturbing, here are some kinds of therapies that you can do to disguise spider veins!

What causes the appearance of blood vessels in the face?

The appearance of blood vessel lines on the typical face of a spider veins is most likely due to damage and swelling of the arteries. This damage causes vulnerable blood vessels to “poke up” under the top layer of the skin so that it will be more easily visible to the naked eye. Spider veins do not cause other symptoms besides the appearance of blood vessels in the face, or parts of the body The appearance of spider veins can occur in anyone at any age. This means that children and babies can have this condition.

However, there are several risk factors that can increase a person’s risk of experiencing it. Among others:

Descent. You will be more prone to having spider veins if your parents or siblings share the same conditions.

Often exposed to sunlight. Excessive sunlight can enlarge blood vessels. The skin layer becomes peeled and thinned, making blood vessels clearly visible beneath the surface of the skin.

Weather changes. Sudden changes in weather can increase the size of the blood vessels to be wider.

Irritation of chemicals or cosmetics. Chemicals in cosmetics can damage the skin so the skin becomes thinner and blood vessels become more visible.

Rosacea. This skin condition generally causes reddish skin. One type of rosacea, namely erythematotelangiectatic rosacea, can cause blood vessels to break so it looks like a spider’s blood vessel.

Addicted to drinking alcohol. This drink can make the skin red because the blood vessels enlarge. If you are addicted, this condition can cause spider veins.

Injury. Scars or a hard object can cause bruising. At that time, blood vessels can rupture and become more visible on the surface of the skin.

In addition, natural aging, blood clotting problems, a history of surgery on blood vessels can also cause the appearance of blood vessels in the face that are clearly visible. Lack of exercise and obesity are also factors in the “spiderweb” blood vessels.

This condition is mainly more common in women due to hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause.

How do you deal with spider veins?

Spider veins can affect appearance, so it often makes you feel inferior. However, it is not worried because there are many choices of ways to deal with the appearance of blood vessels in your face.

  1. Home remedies

Treatment with these natural ingredients includes:

  • Apply apple cider vinegar to the spider veins area.

Apple cider vinegar is often used as a toner and is commonly used to reduce redness and the number of broken blood vessels. You simply pour a few drops of apple cider vinegar on the cotton and gently apply it to your face. However, this method is not recommended if you have allergies.

Wash your face with water that is not too cold or hot. Heat can cause more damaged vessels. So, avoid bathing or washing your face with hot water. just select warm, lukewarm water.

  • Use Ginger

Ginger is a type of spice that is rich in benefits, both for body health and skin beauty. To minimize the appearance of spider veins you can use this type of herbal plant. The method is quite easy, you only need to brew the ginger that has been crushed into warm water and a little honey mixture. Then, drink a cup of ginger water at least once a day. In addition to making the body warmer, ginger is also effective for blood circulation so that the appearance of the spider vein will gradually fade. Besides being drunk, you can also distribute the ginger part directly to the skin.

  • Routine Do Massage Therapy

Routine doing massage therapy is believed to reduce the appearance of spider veins and make blood circulation smooth. In addition to helping reduce the appearance of blood vessels, this massage therapy also serves to reduce pain or swelling due to the spider vein. You can do a light massage yourself at home by adding essential oils, olive oil, or baby oil.

  • Compress with warm water

Compressing facial skin using warm water is also believed to minimize the appearance of spider veins. Warm water can be used as an alternative that is quite easy to obtain in dealing with swelling problems, including swelling that occurs in spider veins. By treating warm water compresses regularly, blood circulation will become more smooth and the appearance of blood vessels will be even thinner.

  • Use Skin Care Containing Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is a type of plant that is often used as raw material for skin care products because of its various advantages. Among them soothing the skin, and relieves sunburn and skin irritation. Besides being able to reduce pain, this plant is also believed to be able to strengthen blood vessels and reduce swelling due to spider veins. This is due to the presence of Volatile and Tanin compounds which are useful to improve the structure of prominent blood vessels. Routine application of products containing Witch Hazel can certainly minimize the appearance of blood vessels that interfere with the beauty of facial skin.

  1. Treatment at the doctor

If you feel that home remedies don’t work, you can consult a doctor to get more effective treatment. Generally doctors will recommend:

Using retinoid cream. This cream is often used to treat many skin diseases, including spider veins. Drying retinoid creams can reduce itching and redness on the skin.

Laser therapy. If the retinoid cream does not work properly, you can choose to do laser therapy. Laser light is able to destroy vessels that are problematic but can make the skin more sensitive. In addition, this therapy costs quite a lot because it must be done several times.

Sclerotherapy. You can get an injection of agents to remove varicose veins in a short time, several weeks. The side effect is pain that is difficult to lose in the injection area.

  • Laser IPL

If the appearance of spider vein on your face is really disturbing, other therapies that can be done is by taking a medical path. Some of these include laser Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or sclerotherapy.

IPL lasers work by using light energy that can be absorbed by blood vessel walls. Intense therapy of tensile light (IPL). Treatment with special lights that can penetrate the skin layer without damaging the upper skin layer. This therapy often succeeds in overcoming blood vessels in the damaged face, but must be done several times so the results are maximal. That way, the blood vessels that are frozen little by little will return to bending. This treatment suits you who have sensitive skin and mild spider veins. In addition to the IPL laser, you can also do sclerotherapy where the dermatologist will inject a special solution to shrink the veins and close them permanently. However, don’t forget to consult with experts before doing this action.